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60 Days Guarantee & Replacement

BSC adheres to all principles of employment equity and legal compliance
Employment Equity: Applying tailor fitted recruitment structures to accommodate the client’s needs, as well as the requirements of the law.
Basic Conditions of Employment Act: Adhering to practices such as paid public holidays, overtime rates, annual- and sick leave
Maintain Professional Liability insurance & Workman’s Compensation ($5 Millions) (*Documents available on request)


Permanent and Contracting Staffing Solutions
All applicants are interviewed and reference checked in person. On request additional checks can also be done if inherent to the position. On receiving a detailed job description, we will first consult our extensive database of candidates, matching only the most suitable candidates to the requirements. BSC will recommend the top three candidates; refer them to the client, with complete, detailed Curriculum Vitae.

Temporary Staffing Solutions
BSC also assists in the provision of personnel on a temporary basis, and furthermore attempts to provide such placements within a 24-hour time frame.
The payroll functions for all temporary based staff appointments are administered internally – thus providing a complete staffing solution, thereby reducing your administration and IR volumes.

Permanent 25% of gross annual salary 50% within 15 days of hire, 50% on 90 day completion
Contract 1099/W2 Fixed hourly cost Billed monthly/ Payment net 15
Temp-to-Perm 15% of gross annual salary when start 10% of gross annual salary when start when hired full time 15% billed at start of employment and 10% when turn perm

BSC’s professional fee is guaranteed for a Sixty (60) day period, if the candidate voluntarily resigns within that period. BSC provides 100% free replacement to client.

BSC will also place advertisements on your behalf, screen, interview, short-list, perform reference, criminal and qualification checks on the top candidates as per client’s individual needs.

BSC bears all of the costs related to candidate sourcing, reference checks, background checks, and advertising.

If the client rejects a resource sourced by BSC and wants to bring the same resource on-board within 6 months afterwards, it will be considered a BSC’s candidate and client pays the full fee applicable for the resource.

We request our clients to provide us with a comprehensive job description at the start of the recruitment process. This will not only ensure that the appropriate medium for recruitment is decided on, but will further enable your dedicated consultant to recruit in the most cost-effective, efficient manner. Your consultant will liaise with you to get the necessary details of the vacant position.


Field Expertise – BSC’s Leadership body brings a total of 60+ years of experience in Technology. Deep expertise include Digital Transformation, Enterprise Resource Planing Solution, Human Resources Management, Quality Assurance and Artificial Intelligence.

Talent Acquisition – Our leadership alone has been on both side of Talent acquisition. Our past experiences in the field have given us great advantage over the competitors. Weather we were hiring internally or sourcing for a client, we employ the best strategies to source the best talents and to continue grow our pool of talents.

Domain Experiences – Our Domain knowledge goes across several different industries. Domain expertise include Banking & Finance, Hi-tech, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Insurance, state & Federal, E-commerce, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Real Estate & Retail.

Certification – Our leadership hold combination of Certification CSP, CSPO, CSP, SAFe, PMP, Oracle Cloud, Azure, AWS, SAP.

Although our niche is Digital Transformation, our Talent Acquisition staff is dynamically structured to cover a wide industry field. We will seek to help our organization to staff any Digital Transformation project. We let the quality of services we provide speak for us. We can provide an will provide Talent acquisition services for other project base on clients ‘demands & requests. This concept has allowed us the advantage of being able to dedicate our time and focus to become true niche industry expert to provide quality and talented candidates.


Rsearch and Market Analysis

Not sure of  what kind of budget a specific role requires? We can help with researching and analyzing the market to help your organization make the best budging decision while simultaneously keeping the competitive edge to source the top qualified candidates and reducing your hiring cycle.

FAR -13  Federal Government Requirement.

We are a registered federal and state vendor with SAM. By doing business with BSC, your organization will automatically fulfill its FAR requirements. We are Insured and Bonded. Please contact us for more information or review our capability statement.


Our Specialized Talent Acquisition Services

Federal and State Government Services – SAM Registered sourcing vendor.

Digital Transformation Projects — Complex web and mobile assignments

Micro Services Cloud Platform – Migrating Desktop application to Micro Services and cloud platform

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) — Technical and functional ERP support

Testing & Automation – Manual, Automation and Performance Testing effort.


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